1. Respect other players.

– With your words and actions, be respectful towards all people, regardless of race, class, religion, gender or orientation.
– Try to avoid flame wars. If you need to sort out a disagreement, please use /tell or /mail. (Note that admins can read these
messages, so it is necessary you can ask for assistance)

2. Respect our world.

– Attempt to limit your creations to own claimed land unless working on something that is of benefit to all players.
– Keep the wilderness wild: clean up your nerdpoles, avoid “flooding” of all types, etc.
(See the rules for Kingdoms in Spaun Town if you need a large area)
– On the borders of the currently accessible land, there will be borders made out of stone bricks.
These are for admins to keep track of borders when preparing new areas. Please leave them alone.
– Just because somebody’s structure is unclaimed does not mean it is up for grabs.

3. Play nice.

– Don’t use any mods that can directly change gameplay, such as
such as glide hacks, remote-break hacks, X-Ray etc.
– Performance enhancing mods (such as Optifine) are okay.
– Minimap mods are also ok, unless they have radar.
– For maximum safety, ask an admin about the mod beforehand.
– Please try to keep chat, signs, and…everything else PG-13.

4. Keep our server functioning.

– Please do your best to not cause lag.
– Try not to use always-on redstone clocks. Ask KRC4267 for help with redstone projects if you need to.
– The internet connection this server is hosted on is not always optimal; If you get dropped, sorry…

5. Keep our server special.

– Please do not invite other people to Kelanzia without checking with an admin first.
– We value kindness, creativity, and acceptance on Kelanzia, among other things.
– Do not share the server address with ANYONE.

This list can be accessed in-game via the /rules command.