Q: Do you allow griefing/raiding?
A: No. Consensual sieges/wars may be allowed in the future, but not as of yet.

Q: Do you have to roleplay on this server?
A: No. The theme of the server is fantasy roleplaying, but it is not required.

Q: Can I rule my own city, or do I need to be of a specific rank?
A: You CAN! A specific rank is not required. You can found a city where you like, assuming it has not been claimed and is universally accepted by other players.
You can also set the laws down in those lands, if your town is approved.

Q: Can I leave the established areas?
A: No, but there is plenty of space, as the areas are very large, and we are constantly opening new areas.

Q: Do you allow PvP?
A: Yes, but only in established zones where that is the law. You can use PvP if you have agreed to join somebody’s settlement where PvP is enabled.