How to join Kelanzia

Here on Kelanzia, our goal is to make a safe community of talented, creative, diverse, and just generally friendly people that enjoy creating stories together. Primarily, the server is a social place where stories can be built to last. Griefing (I.E destroying other people’s creations) is strictly prohibited on Kelanzia, in favor of a RPG-like fantasy world, where people cooperate to build kingdoms, small settlements, or go on quests. Through use of land-protection plugins, your land will only be editable by those you trust. The server is only available to a select group of people we know are friendly, to prevent unsavory behavior, and as such, you will need to create an account on our site to join. If you have been invited by somebody or wish to invite somebody, please be aware that broken rules may result in removal from the server (see Here for the rules)

This particular tutorial is for the less Minecraft-savvy among us who do not know how to use the launcher to select the correct version of the game and soforth.

So the first thing you want to do is open the Minecraft launcher. Unsurprisingly.

And press the “Launcher Options” button.

Then, press “Add New” to create a profile for this version.

Create the following profile.

The current Minecraft version Kelanzia is running is: 1.12.2.

Start the game with this profile, and then click “Multiplayer”.

Click “Add Server”.

The Server Address will be given to you in an email upon your membership acceptance to the server. Please do not share this address with ANYONE. If you wish to invite somebody new to the server, please talk to an admin on our Discord Server.

You should now be able to join Kelaniza! If you have any questions, feel free to post on our forum.

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